EGP – Bucharest 2019

European Grand Prix + Quota Tournament for Minsk European Games  Date: April, 9 – 13  CQT for Minsk European Games on 12th April  Location: Bucharest (ROU)  Deadlines:   – Preliminary entries: 9th January 2019   – Final entries: 19th March 2019  TD: Yusuf Corba (TUR)  Official website:  Live Results  Photogallery  Live Streaming

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EGP Sofia 2018

European Grand Prix  Date: July, 31 – August 4  TD: Maria Kyrillopoulou (GRE)  Location: Sofia (BUL)  Deadlines:   – Preliminary entries: 3rd May 2018   – Final entries: 11th July 2018  Official website:  Live Results  Photogallery  Live Streaming (cooming soon)

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EGP1 – Legnica 2017

European Grand Prix – 1st leg    Date: April, 25 – 29  TD: Daniel Pavlov (BUL)  Location: Legnica (POL)  Deadlines:   – Preliminary entries: 25th January 2017   – Final entries: 5th April 2017  Official website:  Live Results:   Photogallery  Live Streaming Individual Eliminations  Live Streaming Team Matches (friday from 09.00 local time)   Live Streaming of Finals (saturday from 09.00…

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