17th World Archery Europe Congress


The 17th World Archery Europe Congress was held virtually on 11 June 2021. While supposed to be held on May 2020, it was one year delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Congress was opened by the roll call and by a welcome video message by World Archery President, Prof. Dr. Ugur Erdener.

Voting delegates representing 37 European countries were present.



These are the results of the elections:

  • Vladimir Esheev (RUS) was almost unanimously re-elected unopposed as World Archery Vice President for a three-year term (instead of four, due to Covid delay). The Vice President thanked the delegates for their ongoing support and trust.
  • Hilda Gibson (GBR), Darko Uidl (CRO), Arnoud Strijbis (NED), and Jean-Michel Cleroy (FRA) were elected as members of the Executive Board.

For the first time the term limit is three-year terms, except Jean-Michel Cleroy who is elected for one-year term.


The following people were elected to World Archery Europe Committees:

  • Youth Development Committee

Irena Rosa (SLO) – Chairperson, 2024

Wolfgang Halvax (AUT), 2024

Maria Kyrillopulou (GRE), 2022


  • Judges Committee

Luca Stucchi (ITA) – Chairperson, 2024

Katy Lipscomb (GBR), 2024

Jean Martens (BEL), 2022


  • 3D and Field Committee

Sofie Johansson (SWE) – Chairperson, 2024

Helmut Poell (AUT), 2024

Maya Shalaby (SLO), 2022


  • Development and Technical Committee

Stephen Tully (GBR) – Chairperson, 2024

Andreas Theofylaktou (CYP), 2024

Aris Kormpetis (GRE), 2022


  • Para-Archery Committee

Chiara Barbi (ITA) – Chairperson, 2024

Leena-Kaarina Saviluoto (SWE), 2024

Hervè Toggwiller (FRA), 2022

Terms limits within Committees were varied for the first time, according to the motion adopted during the previous vote.



The following motions passed:

  • The European Indoor Championships to be held every year
  • Barebow division to be included in the European Indoor Championships
  • Term limits introduced for the retiring officers as an indication of good governance
  • Adding a reference to feminine gender in WAE Constitution & Rules
  • The following Liaisons were introduced in the WAE Constitution & Rules: Gender Equity Liaison, Justice and Ethics Liaison, Run-Archery Liaison (replacing the former Commission).
  • The Para-Archery Liaison was replaced by the Para-Archery Committee, elected at this Congress for the first time.
  • Terms limits within Committees were varied in order to assure the continuation of the Committees’ work.
  • Only WAE Continental Judges can stand for election to WAE Judge Committee
  • The age limit of 65 introduced for WAE Judges and Director of Shooting
  • The European Club Teams Cup re-introduced in WAE calendar.



The Congress awarded with WAE Honorary Secretary General Mrs. Marinella Pisciotti (ITA) as a debt of recognition and gratitude.

Evelyn Papadopoulou (GRE) was awarded for her 17 years’ services on DTAC with passionate commitment.

Two outgoing Executive Board members were also honored with WAE award:

  • Rolf Lind (DEN)
  • Dominique Ohlmann (FRA)


Next WAE Congress will be held, as planned, in 2022.

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