2024 events opened for bidding

Happy new year 2024 colorful number.

Below the list of the biddings for the WAE competitions to be allocated in the year 2024.

As a general suggestion, the approximate time of the year is in brackets.

  • European Indoor Championships (February)
  • European Youth Cup 1st leg (April/May)
  • European Grand Prix 1st leg (April/May)
  • Para-Archery European Cup Circuit (1st leg) (May/June)
  • Para-Archery European Championships (June/July)
  • Para Archery Cup Finals (August/September)
  • European 3D Championships (September)
  • European Club Teams Cup (September/October)
  • Run-Archery European Cup (September/October)

The bids will be submitted to the attention of WAE Executive Board during the next meeting, which will be held on 5-6 November 2022.

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