EFC Rzeszow – Individuals Final Results


Closing of European Field Championships with all the European Champions 2015.

After a hard week, not only for the level of the competition, but also for the very low temperatures in Rzeszow (POL), now we know the Individuals European Field Champions 2015.

Recurve Men

Gold medal – ANDERSSON Jonathan (SWE)

Silver medal – ROHRBERG Sebastian (GER)

Bronze medal – WILLS Alan (GBR)

Recurve Women

Gold medal – UMER Ana (SLO)

Silver medal – LESNIAK Natalia (POL)

Bronze medal – FOLKARD Naomi (GBR)

Recurve Junior Men

Gold medal – RIPAUX Valentin (FRA)

Silver medal – HUSTON Patrick (GBR)

Bronze medal – HALL Conor (GBR)

Recurve Junior Women

Gold medal – PITMAN Bryony (GBR)

Silver medal – REBAGLIATI Chiara (ITA)

Bronze medal – KOCAJ Marlena (POL)

Compound Men

Gold medal – BUSBY Duncan (GBR)

Silver medal – AAMAAS Njaal (NOR)

Bronze medal – BUDEN Domagoj (CRO)

Compound Women

Gold medal – FRANCHINI Irene (ITA)

Silver medal – VANDIONANT Sandrine (FRA)

Bronze medal – BUDEN Ivana (CRO)

Compound Junior Men

Gold medal – TULLINI Michele (ITA)

Silver medal – SCHUETZ Yannick (GER)

Bronze medal – VAVRO Mario (CRO)

Compound Junior Women

Gold medal – BENZINI Erica  (ITA)

Silver medal – CLARK Daisy (GBR)

Bronze medal – LENNON Rebecca (GBR)

Barebow Men

Gold medal – LESKINEN Timo (FIN)

Silver medal – GIANNINI Alessandro (ITA)

Bronze medal – PENZLIN Matthias (GER)

Barebow Women

Gold medal – MACKOVA Martina (CZE)

Silver medal – STROBBE Eleonora (ITA)

Bronze medal – BJORKLUND Lina (SWE)

Barebow Junior Men

Gold medal – ESPOSITO Eric (ITA)

Silver medal – NOCETI Alessio (ITA)

Bronze medal – MCCREERY Craig (GBR)

Barebow Junior Women

Gold medal – NOCETI Sara (ITA)

Silver medal – MEDBO Malin  (SWE)

Bronze medal – BENTON Sophie (GBR)

In the final Medal Stadings, 1st place for ITALY with 13 medals out of 48 (6 Gold, 5 silver and 2 Bronze), 2nd place for Great Britain (12: 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze) and 3rd place for France (4: 2 Gold and 2 Silver).

This event concludes officially the 2015 WAE Year. We want to thank all the Organizing Committee, all the Judges, all the Volounteers and every people involved in the European Archery movement to make all this events possible.

See you next year!

Complete Results, here.

Official Photogallery (thanks to Dubravko Buden Ph.), here.

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