EGP1 – All medals


A wet week in Sofia for the European Grand Prix – 1st leg.

Congratulations to all the archers. This are all the medalists:

Recurve Men:

Gold medal – Dalidovich Pavel (BLR)

Silver medal – Liahushev Alexander (BLR)

Bronze medal – Fioroli Alberto (ITA)

Recurve Women:

Gold medal – Spera Loredana (ITA)

Silver medal – Esebua Kristine (GEO)

Bronze medal – Violi Sara (ITA)

Compound Men:

Gold medal – Vavro Mario (CRO)

Silver medal – Dernekli Furkan (TUR)

Bronze medal – Kyritsoglou Sam (BEL)

Compound Women:

Gold medal – Cerne Toja (SLO)

Silver medal – Almashhadani Fatimah (IRQ)

Bronze medal – Orlic Maja (CRO)

Recurve Men Team:

Gold medal – Belarus

Silver medal – Italy

Bronze medal – Slovenia

Recurve Women Team:

Gold medal – Russia

Silver medal – Polonia

Bronze medal – Belarus

Compound Men Team:

Gold medal – Greece

Silver medal – Turkey

Bronze medal – Qatar


Recurve Mixed Team:

Gold medal – Russia

Silver medal – Slovenia

Bronze medal – Italy

Compound Mixed Team:

Gold medal – Croatia

Silver medal – Slovenia

Bronze medal – Denmark













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