Euro Field Champs Terni 2013 – Team Results

At the end of the Teams” Day, we have the first medalists of the European Field Championships Terni 2013.

Men Team

Gold medal: Germany (Rohrberg, Laube, Klesmann)

Silver medal: France (Bidault, Dorget, Roy)

Bronze medal: Italy (Palazzi, Pompeo, Giannini)

Women Team

Gold medal: Italy (Tomasi, D”Agostino, Strobbe)

Silver medal: Austria (Baldauff, Probst, Raigel)

Bronze medal: France (Delfau, Garitat, Lalourer)

Junior Men Team

Gold medal: France (Baraer, Le Baut, Petit Minuesa)

Silver medal: Italy (Fancello, Ruggiero, Noceti)

Bronze medal: Great Britain (Huston, Pennell, Mccreery)

Junior Women Team (no title assigned)

Gold medal: Italy (Bajno, Franzoi, Carrasco)

Silver medal: Great Britain (Pitman, Clark, Rees)

Bronze medal: Sweden (Andersson, Eriksson, Nilsson)

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