European Archery 2014 Season


Be active part of World Archery Europe 2014 Events … it doesn’t matter if you are an archer or just a fan; contribute with your personal archery passion!


Just few days before the official start of the 2014 Season.

7 events all around Europe: from Russia to Italy, from Switzerland to Estonia …
2 great outdoor appointments such as the European Youth Championships in Ljubljana (SLO), a chance for last YOG cards, and the European Outdoor Championships in Echmiadzin (ARM), with Quota Tournament for the European Games.
Don’t loose nothing of European Archery Life!
Be part of the social side of archery: share everything you want about these events … if you are an archer involved, share your feelings on shooting-lines; if you are at home, watching and cheering for someone, share your feelings on sofa!
Don’t forget to use our specific #hashtag for each WAE event on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, etc.


Anyway … be a fan and have fun!


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