Minsk European Games – Archery equipment special procedures


Measures about the transportation of archery equipment once arrived in Minsk.

Bow and arrows cases transportation require special precautions in the Republic of Belarus, and is severely forbidden on Athlete transport and even within the Athletes’ Village.

All Archery equipment arriving into the Republic of Belarus at MSQ will be transported directly to the Olympic Sports Complex after customs clearance. All teams must provide their flight information and arrival details through the Arrivals and Departures System (ADS), however to inform the Competition Management team. Failure to provide the exact and correct information may result in collection service is not being provided as well as in delay of Archery equipment on arrival at MSQ.

All Archery equipment arriving into the Republic of Belarus by land will be escorted by MEGOC Security Team member from border point to the Olympic Sports Complex by MEGOC. 

All Archery equipment will be marked with special individual stickers after customs clearance and taken from the athletes to be transported to the competition venue. Athletes will receive a detachable part of individual sticker which will be used to withdraw equipment from the Armoury at the Olympic Sport Complex.

Archery equipment is strictly prohibited on Athlete transport and within AVL.

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