Para archery Coaches Seminar in Serbia


A 4-days World Archery Europe constructive course took place in Belgrade (SRB) from 10-13 April educating 20 participants from MAs on how to train Para-Archery coaches.

The objective of the Seminar was to propose the specific knowledge to the coaches about archery for disabled persons.

The Course experts were: Vincent Hybois and Michael Peart, together with Hannah Busey and Charlotte Burgess.

The participants were:  David Drahoninsky, Lida Fikarova, Tereza Brandova (CZE), Thomas Gormsen (DEN), Charisis Ioannis (GRE), Christiana Mandriotou, Dimitris Kargados, Christina Hadjierotokritou, Christoforos Farmakas (CYP), Gordon Hooper (POR), Doru Danilet (ROU), Kaarina Saviluoto (SWE), Dimitrije Milović, Radovan Nikolić, Dejan Forgo, Veselin Uzelac, Dejan Milović, Miodrag Grba, Zoran Matić, Aleksandar Stanković (SRB).

There was a very positive reaction from the participants, who attended the course with enthusiasm for this new experience.

At the end of the Course the participants received from the organizers the Para-Archery participation certificate.

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