WAE Executive Board confirmed Porec and Antalya Grand Prix


On 15th January, the Executive Board had a video meeting in order to discuss about the next events in calendar.

In fact, during the previous EB conference call, it was stated that the Board’s general principle is to decide two months before the event whether it is going to be held or not.

On this occasion, it was decided that both Porec GP (March 16-21) and Antalya GP (April 6-11) are confirmed, and the preliminary entries are going to be opened on WAREOS.

One month prior to each of the two events, the EB will have a final decision whether the Grand Prix will be held or not.

It means that at the moment the Organizing Committees open the preliminary registrations process without requesting any payment, so that we can all continue to monitor the safety situation.

In the interest of all the involved people, we will review the safety situation one month before the event. Beforehand, the MAs are required to enter the preliminary registrations, as a sincere intention to take part in the Grand Prix. Please, consider that no penalty fees will be applied and not any request of payment will be fixed before the final confirmation one month prior to the event.

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