WAE Executive Board Meeting in London


WAE Executive Board meeting was held on 24-25 November 2018 in London, hosted by Archery GB.

Find below some of the main decisions:

  • 2020 WAE Elective Congress

The next WAE Congress will be held in Antalya (TUR) on 19 May 2020, at the eve of the European Outdoor Championships.

  • European Championships

The Executive Board allocated the following European Championships for 2020:

European 3D Championships to the Archery Association of Slovenia, but on a different date from the ones proposed in their bid. The tournament will be held from 14 to 19 July 2020 in Maribor.

European Para Archery Championships to the Italian Archery Federation. The event will be held in Olbia on 18-26 April 2020.

– Furthermore, the following Technical Delegates were appointed:

Mr Daniel Pavlov is appointed as TD at Antalya 2020 European Outdoor Championships

Mrs Irena Rosa is appointed as TD at Lilleshall 2020 European Youth Championships

  • Para Archery

The Executive Board allocated the Para Archery Cup Circuit 2nd leg to Czech Archery Association, but on a different date from the ones proposed in their bid.

The event will be held from 15-21 June in Nove Mesto (CZE).

  • European Grand Prix

The Executive Board allocated the 2020 European Grand Prix to Croatia Archery Association. The event will be held in Porec (CRO) from 9 to 14 June 2020.

  • Youth Development Committee

The Executive Board allocated the 2020 Youth Cup to Romanian Archery Association. The event will be held in Bucharest from 6-11 July 2020.

The Board approved the 2019 Youth Cup Rules proposed by the Youth Development Committee.

  • Judge Committee

The Board approved the following Judges Commissions for 2019 WAE events, proposed by the WAE Judges Committee.

European Indoor Championships, Samsun (TUR) 24 Feb. – 02 Mar.

Chairman: Jean Martens BEL

DoS: Anthony Hillairet FRA

Judges: Drasko Mihinjac (CRO) Katerina Koncolova (CZE) Flemming Skoldborg (DEN) Maren Haase (GER) Mariagrazia Pinna (ITA) Mariya Larkina (RUS) Rolf Volungholen (SWE) Nataliya Rodionava (UKR)

Alternates: Marusa Gajic (SLO) Graham Potts (GBR)


European Grand Prix / Quota EG, Bucharest (ROU) 09 – 13 April

Chairman: Graham Potts GBR

DoS: Carsten Kühn GER

Judges: Niko Ylipelkonen (FIN) Yuri Yogev (ISR) Henk Wagemakers (NED)

Alternates: Susan Richards (GBR) Klaus Lykkebaek (DEN)


Para-AEC, Olbia (ITA) 28 April – 05 May

Chairman: Aikaterina Plakouda (GRE)

Judges: Christophe Pezet (FRA) Manuela Cascio (ITA)

Alternates: Bettina Kratzmüller (AUT) Francisco Gimenez (ESP)


European Youth Cup Catez, (SLO) 13 – 18 May

Chairman: Bjarne Strandby (DEN)

DoS: Petros Petrou (CYP)

Judges: Marusa Gajic (SLO) Biljana Mitrovic (SRB) Gareth Beeby (GBR)

Alternates: Marleen Kroeders (NED) Slobodan Matic (SRB)


European Games Minsk, (BLR) 21 – 27 June

Chairman: Katy Lipscomb (GBR)

DoS: Tahsin Cinar Gözacan (TUR)

Judges: Christoph Schillinger (AUT) Patrick Wiggeleer (BEL) Pyry Ekholm (FIN) Barry Brophy (IRL) Martino Miani (ITA) Mariya Larkina (RUS) Maya Shalaby (SLO) Aslihan Muazzez Unsal (TUR)

Alternates: Manfred Piesinger (AUT) Ügur Nacir (TUR)


Para-AEC Nove Mesto (CZE) 06 – 14 July

Chairman: Klaus Lykkebaek (DEN)

Judges: Nina Herceg (CRO) Jessica Larsson (SWE)

Alternate: Yuri Yogev (ISR) Klemen Cezar (SLO)


European Youth Cup Bucharest (ROU) 15 – 20 July

Chairman: Susan Richards (GBR)

DoS: Petros Petrou (CYP)

Judges: Atanas Temelkov (BUL) Alper Güler (TUR) Mari Jakonen (FIN)

Alternates: Bjarne Strandby (DEN) Elini Leonidou (CYP)


ECC Catez (SLO), 14-15 Sep

Chairman: Denis Paquet (FRA)

Alternate: Nina Herceg (CRO)


European Field Championships Mokrice Catez  (SLO) 30 Sep – 05 Oct

Chairman: Friedrich Karle (GER)

Judges: Manfred Piesinger (AUT) Kristina Reitmeier (CZE) David Catalan (ESP) Niko Ylipelkonen (FIN) Anthony Hillairet (FRA) Marleen Kroeders (NED) Rolf Volungholen (SWE) Ügur Nacir (TUR) Victoria Duncan (GBR)

Alternates: Helmut Poell (AUT) Drasko Mihinjac (CRO)

WAE Secretary General will inform officially the appointed Judges.

– Furthermore, the Board examined the report of the Judges Committee regarding the successful Seminar for WAE Continental Judges candidates held in Wiesbaden (GER) on 16th -18th  November, at the premises of the German Shooting and Archery Federation. 24 candidates from several European countries attended the Seminar. Everybody was requested for a pre-seminar test before they could finally register. During the first 2 days the members of the JC gave different presentations on the current archery rules, together with the candidates worked on practical discussion about case studies and practical session on scoring.

On the third day the candidates had to pass an exam. 17 candidates, out of 24, successfully passed and gained the status of WAE CJ.

  • Run Archery

The Executive Board allocated the first leg of 2019 Run Archery Cup as it follows:

1st European Run Archery Cup will be held in Estonia from 12 to 14 July 2019

2nd European Run Archery Cup  TBC

  • 2020 Calendar highlights

The Executive Board allocated the following events in 2020:

WAE Congress                            19 May               Antalya (TUR)

European Para Archery Ch.          18-26 April          Olbia (ITA)

European Grand Prix                   9-14 June            Porec (CRO)

Para Archery Cup Circuit 2nd leg   15-21 June          Nove Mesto (CZE)

European Youth Cup                   6-11 July             Bucharest (ROU)

European 3D Championships       14-19 July            Maribor (SLO)

Club Teams Cup                         3-4 October         TBC

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