WAE Executive Board Meeting – November 2017


The World Archery Europe Executive Board meeting was held on 25-26 November 2017 in Rome at the headquarters of the Italian Archery Federation.

These are some of the important decisions:

WAE Elective Congress

The Elective Congress will be held in Legnica (POL) on Sunday 26 August 2018 in the morning at 9.00 o’ clock, on the eve of the European Outdoor Championships (27 August – 1 September 2018). 

The following positions are vacant or up for re-election:

  • President
  • Vice President (1 position)
  • Members (2 position for a 4 years term)
  • Member (1 position for a 2 years term)


European Championships

The Executive Board allocated the following European Championships:

  • European Indoor Championships to the Turkish Archery Federation. The Championships will be held in Samsun on 26 February-2 March 2019.
  • European Youth Championships to the Archery GB. The Championships will be held in Lilleshall on 4-14 July 2019.


European Grand Prix

The Executive Board allocated the European Grand Prix competition to the Romanian Archery Federation. The competition will be held in Bucharest on 9-13 April 2019.


Youth Development Committee

The E.B. allocated the 1st leg of the Youth Cup to the Archery Association of Slovenia. The competition will be held in Catez on 20-25 May 2019.


Judges Committee

The Board approved the Judges Commissions for WAE events 2018, proposed by the WAE Judges Committee. It was approved also the organization of a Continental Judge Seminar which will be held in Wiesbaden (GER) on 14-15 November 2018.

After the successful first WAE Judges Conference held in Rome, the Committee proposed to organize the Judges Conference every 3 years. The proposal was accepted.


European Games

The second edition of the European Games will be held in Minsk (BLR). The date for the Archery event is 23-29 June 2019. The Board approved the criteria of the qualification system.


Para Archery

The Executive Board appointed Mrs Pippa Britton as WAE Para Archery Liaison, in replacement of Mr Dominique Ohlmann. Such a decision was taken after the appointment of Mr Dominique Ohlmann as Deputy Chairman of the WA Para Archery Committee.

It was approved also the Para Archery Coaches Seminar to be hed in Belgrade (SRB) on 10-13 April 2018. The aim of the Seminar is to propose the specific knowledge to the coaches about archery for disabled persons.


European Club Team Cup

The E.B. approved the changes to the rule to the European Club Team Cup. The aim of these changes is simplifying the rules and to allow to increase more teams from the first round of the eliminations.


Mediterranean Games

The report of the inspection visit to the Archery venue for the Mediterranean Games by the TD Ardingo Scarzella was examined. The Archery event is scheduled from 22 to 24 June 2018 on the Campoclar Atlhetics Stadium in Tarragona (Spain).


Run Archery

The Board examined the report of the Run Archery Committee meeting. The Committee is composed by Vladimir Esheev (Chairman), Xavier Monronvalle, David Stevenhagen and Vladimir Matveen.

The aim of the committee is to develop the practice of Run Archery in Europe. In order to increase such a development, it is necessary to define common international rules and to organize international events including the European Cup of Run Archery (RAEC).

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