World Archery Congress


The 52nd World Archery Congress was held in Mexico City on 13-14 October 2017, on the eve of the World Archery Championships that runs from 15 to 22 October 2017.

The Congress was opened by World Archery President, prof. dr. Ugur Erdener. Delegates or appointed proxies representing 83 countries were present.

The Delegates voted on the acceptance of more new Federations. For Europe, the Federation of Andorra was accepted as full Member Association, while Bosnia-Herzegovina was excluded by Congress for no activity or non payment of fees.

These are the elections results:

  • Dr Ugur Erdener was unanimously re-elected unopposed as World Archery President for a four year term. The President thanked the delegates for their ongoing support and added: “It is a pleasure and a honor to continue as President of World Archery, one of the most forward- thinking, proactive and unified families in the world of international sport”.
  • Maria Emma Gaviria of Colombia and Sanguan Kosavinta of Thailand were re-elected Vice Presidents.
  • Greg Easton of USA, Vladimir Esheev of Russia and Aladin Gabr of Egypt were re-elected as members of the Executive Board.

The following people were elected to World Archery Committees:

Terms limits within Committees were varied for the first time, according to the motion adopted during the first day of Congress

  • Finance and Audit Board

Robert Smith (USA) – (Chairperson), 2021

Hilda Gibson (GBR), 2021

Rolf Lind (DEN), 2021

  • Medical and Sport Sciences Committee

Martin Bauer (GER), 2021

Anne Smith (CAN), 2021

Carlos Hermes (GUA), 2021

Fiammetta Scarzella (ITA), 2019

Ahmad Shojali Baghini (IRI), 2019

  • Para Archery Committee

Dominique Ohlmann (FRA), 2021

Nancy Littke (CAN), 2021

Sheri Rhodes (USA), 2021

Carole Hicks (NZL), 2019

Pippa Britton (GBR), 2019

  • Target Archery Committee

Allan R Wills (CAN), 2021

Lee Eun Kyung (KOR), 2021

Andreas Lorenz (GER), 2021

Olivier Grillat (FRA), 2019

Qu Yinan (CHN), 2019

  • Technical Committee

Don S. Rabska (USA), 2021

Kurt Nuenlist (SUI), 2021

Jonathan Shales (GBR), 2021

Chiu Ping-Kun (TPE) 2019

Susanne Womersley (AUS), 2019

  • Constitution and Rules Committee

Derrick Lovell (GBR), 2019

Edith Stalter (FRA), 2019

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