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Grand Prix in Sofia (BUL) was the first leg of the 2016 Circuit.

192 archers from 32 nations and 27 Club Archers from 6 nations on the shooting line in Sofia. 4 days of competition to celebrate the winners in Compound and Recurve divisions (men and women, individuals and teams).

Ukraine is the best nations in Recurve, while Italy in Compound. Many great european archers and also some new name between the medallists:

Recurve Men

Gold medal – ANDERSSON Jonas Lennart  (SWE)

Silver medal – GAZOZ Mete (TUR)

Bronze medal – RUBAN Viktor (UKR)

Recurve Women

Gold medal – RODIONOVA Polina (UKR)

Silver medal – ESEBUA Kristine (GEO)

Bronze medal – ZYZANSKA Sylwia (POL)

Compound Men

Gold medal – AERIKOS Christos (GRE)

Silver medal – SEYWERT Gilles (LUX)

Bronze medal – OROSZ Viktor (UKR)

Compound Women

Gold medal – SONNICHSEN Sarah Holst (DEN)

Silver medal – SZALANSKA Katarzyna (POL2)

Bronze medal – LONGO Laura (ITA)

Recurve Men Team

Gold medal – UKRAINE

Silver medal – AUSTRIA

Bronze medal – ARMENIA

Recurve Women Team

Gold medal – UKRAINE

Silver medal – TURKEY

Bronze medal – ESTONIA

Compound Men Team

Gold medal – ITALY

Silver medal – GREECE

Bronze medal – TURKEY

Compound Women Team

Gold medal – ITALY

Silver medal – UKRAINE

Bronze medal – TURKEY

Recurve Mixed Team

Gold medal – MOLDOVA

Silver medal – SWEDEN

Bronze medal – RUSSIA

Compound Mixed Team

Gold medal – ITALY

Silver medal – TURKEY

Bronze medal – BULGARIA

With 5 medals (3 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze), up to 30, UKRAINE is first in the Final Medal Standings, same number of medals as Turkey (7th); 2nd place for ITALY with 4 medals (3 golds and 1 bronze) and 3rd place for SWEDEN and GREECE, both with 2 medals (1 gold and 1 silver).

Next and last stage of Grand Prix Circuit 2016 will be in Riom (FRA), 21-25 June.

Complete Results, here.

Official Photogallery, here.

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