Baku2015 – First National Olympic Committees Communications Seminar


Baku 2015 European Games hosted, on 27th September, the first Communications Seminar for European National Olympic Committees, communication managers and members of the international media.

The two-day programme will see 62 delegates from around Europe visit Baku 2015 venues and attend workshops for updates on all of the latest European Games preparations. 

Several Baku 2015 directorates will make presentations to those attending, including senior staff from Sport, Transport, Press Operations, Broadcasting and Communications. 

Mr Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer of Baku 2015, said: “We are very much looking forward to establishing new relationships with the communications teams from the National Olympic Committees and the members of their media who will be covering the inaugural European Games.

“The support and co-operation of those attending this Seminar will be vital to us in educating the continent about how exciting the inaugural European Games in Baku will be next summer, and also to help raise awareness of our work here in Azerbaijan.”

In total, more than 1,000 journalists from across the continent are expected to attend the Baku 2015 European Games along with communications officials from each country.

Mr Adrian Bassett, Director of Communications for the British Olympic Association, said: “This weekend is an extremely valuable opportunity to learn more about the European Games and understand exactly how Baku 2015 will operate during Games-time.

“For many nations, this will be their first time competing in Azerbaijan and so it is important to visit the country and be fully prepared for what will be a fantastic event for our athletes next summer.”

More than 6,000 athletes will compete over the 17 days of competition next year, with newspapers, websites, radio and TV stations all committed to covering the Games.

Mr William Louis-Marie, Baku 2015 Director of Communications, said: “It is very important for us to ensure the National Olympic Committees feel fully involved with Baku 2015, and we are working closely with them to make the first ever European Games a resounding success.

“The Seminar represents an important chance to ensure we are communicating effectively with the National Olympic Committees, their athletes, the media and the fans from across all of Europe.”

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