Baku2015 – Letter of the EOC President


Upon the 4th EOC Coordination Commission visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, the EOC President, Mr Patrick Hickey, updates us on the progress with the preparation for the 1st European Games to take place in Baku, in June 12-28, 2015.

“ The progress made with the Games’ preparation is impressive so far and all of us should be getting ready to be part and contribute to a first class event, that will make history in European sports.

As Mr. Spyros Capralos, Chairman of the EOC Coordination Commission for the 2015 EG, has informed me, right after the latest visit of the Commission to Baku, the summary points of the progress achieved related to the 2015 European Games are listed below, as to sports specific issues. 

1. The Official Sports Program is now definite and complete, with 20 sports (30 sport disciplines) to be part of the 1st European Games, having lately included in it the sports of Athletics and Sambo. Also, two (2) Demonstration Sports will be part of the Games, Street Athletics and Underwater Swimming.

2. Nine (9) sports have already announced that 2015 Baku EG will be part of their qualification lead to 2016 Rio Olympics.

3. All sport locations, venues and Field of Play Drawings have been approved by the European Sport Federations. Excellent, modern and really impressive sport venues and field of play will be presented to the public and allow European elite athletes to achieve their best performances during the Games.

4. The construction/preparation of all sport venues is on time and test events/competition tests, with national or international teams, have already taken place or are yet to be organized for all sport disciplines, with the presence of the nominated Technical Delegates by the EFs.

5. Also, an impressive Athletes’ Village is almost ready and the best ever accommodation conditions/services will be offered to the European athletes.

6. Daily Competition Schedule has already been agreed with all EFs and all NOCs, broadcasters and media have already been informed. Sessions and Event Competition Schedules are in progress.

7. All needs and services for International Technical Officials have been identified and agreed with the EFs, while the preparation of the National Technical Officials is well under way.

8. Similarly, all sport related projects, such as Athletes’ training, Sport Equipment, Sport Qualification and Entries, Sport Presentation, Sport Staffing and Volunteers, are on progress and in time.

9. Competition Managers for most sports are already in place, while the number of local sport people in the leadership of the sports teams is now bigger than the number of the international experts.

10. The innovative projects of the Games Academy and the Graduates Excellence Program have impressively enhanced the training of local people, while at the same time, have allowed the involvement in BEGOC’s operations of talented people from around Europe. 

11. Finally, the Moscow laboratories will be used for the 2015 Games Doping Control, while the EOC’s doping control policies and procedures for the 1st European Games will be decided and announced the latest by the end of the year.


As far as the non-sport specific projects are concerned, EOC was happy to be updated by BEGOC on the following:

1. Sponsorship contracts have already been signed with a number of sponsors from the local and international market, while some more will be announced soon. BEGOC expects that the projected number of sponsors per sponsorship category/tier will be achieved.

2. ISB, under Manolo Romero, will be the Host Broadcaster and 90% of the Games’ competitions will be produced and be available for the Rights’ Holders, all over the world.

3. Broadcasting Rights have been already sold to and announced for a number of European countries, while more contracts have been agreed in principle in 18 territories, inside and outside Europe, and will be announced very soon.

4. BEGOC has already contracted international partners for a Pan-European Communication Campaign and the awareness of the Games is radically enhanced day by day.

5. Finally, Village Operations, Accommodation, Transportation, Accreditation, Catering, Protocol, Media Operations and Villages, Athletes’ Traveling, Arrivals & Departures, Volunteer and a number of other important projects of the Games are well under way and BEGOC is gradually providing the related info to the NOCs via the innovative “e-Qazet” public website. “


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