Executive Board conference call


The Executive Board conference call took place on June 19th 2020 using GoToMeeting platform, starting at 10:00 and finishing at 13:00.

President Mario Scarzella in his report stressed on the fact that this is the first time that WAE Executive Board run a meeting in such a distant way, which can represent somehow the tangible proof of the difficult times we are living.
The President wished to give everybody a positive signal for the future, considering that due to Covid-19 pandemic all around the world, we were forced to stop all our events and activities. Now, WAE Executive Board is working for having our archers back on the shooting lines next year.

What makes this crisis so unique and so difficult to overcome is the uncertainty we have been living  during the last months. Now, I am optimistic and confident for next year, I owe it to our archers. We all have the common goal to have the European archers back on the shooting lines”.

Mario Scarzella stated that “World Archery Europe is working for the recovery of Archery activity in Europe, and we fully support every project aimed at this objective”.

Next year, differently from the used calendar, we will have two Grand Prix events in the same year of the European Outdoor Championships.
While, concerning the European Youth Championships, we don’t have any chances of rescheduling in 2021, so we will skip to 2022.
The Executive Board agreed on the re-scheduling of the 2020 3D European Championships in 2021. The Championships will be held in Maribor, SLO, on 30 August – 4 September, the week before the European Field Championships in Croatia. The archers attending both the events could be transferred easily from Slovenia to Croatia, because the distance is approximately 60 km driving.
The Executive Board examined the bids and confirmed the allocation of the following events:

  • 2021 European Youth Cup to Romania, Bucharest, 2-7 August 2021
  • 2022 European Youth Championships to Great Britain, Lilleshalll, 15-20 August 2022

The Executive Board allocated also the 2021 Technical Delegates. As a general principle, priority is given to the Technical Delegates already appointed in the same events, which were cancelled in 2020 and re-scheduled in 2021.

The Board agreed with the Judges Committee document with the Judges applications for 2021. The general principle recommended for the 2021 Judge appointments is giving priority to the Judges appointed to the 2020 events.

Taking advantage of the lockdown period, the new WAE website was finally realized. The Executive Board Members had the opportunity to look through the new website before it was put online and it was welcomed with several positive comments.

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