Mediterranean Games 2013 – Team results

In the archery team competitions, the first medals were awarded to Egypt for Men and to Italy for Women

The University of Mersin hosted yesterday the eliminations and the finals of the Teams.

In the Recurve Men Team Egypt surprisingly defeated in the semifinal Italy. The Egyptian team, with Youth Olympic Champion Ibrahim Sabry, Hady Elkholosy and Ahmed Elnemz, won 217-213 the Olympic champions Michele Frangilli and Mauro Nespoli and a new team member Alberto Zagami. In the final, Egypt met Spain and won only for one point 210-211 the gold medal. Italy met France for the Bronze and won the match 219-211.

In the Recurve Women, Italy with Natalia Valeeva, Claudia Mandia e Guendalina Sartori defeated in the final the Spanish team 210-203 and won the gold medal. The bronze medal match featured France and Greece. The French archers concluded with 32 points to win the match 213-181 and the bronze medal.

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