Mediterranean Games 2022 to Turkey


Once again Turkey is on top of the final medal standings with 4 medals (2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze), second place for Italy with 5 medals (1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze), third is Spain (3 medals) and fourth place for France (3 medals).



France, with Bariteaud, Bernardi and Fichet, is the winner in Men Team competition beating 6-2 Spain (Acha, Alvarino Garcia, Castro). Bronze medal for Turkey (Ak, Gazoz, Yildirmis) only after shootoff arrows against Italy (Nespoli, Musolesi, Paoli) (T 28-26).

Turkey (Anagoz, Basaran, Coskun) takes the victory in Women againts Italy (Boari, Andreoli, Rebagliati) 5-3; third place for France (Florent, Maunier, Villard) over Greece (Gkorila, Nasoula, Psarra) 6-2.



Also in mixedteam competition the finals was between Turkey and Italy: Anagoz-Gazoz takes gold 5-3 over Nespoli-Boari. And Spain (Canales, Alvarino Garcia) was third beating Greece (Gkorila, Karageorgiou) 6-2.



Federico Musolesi (ITA) is the winner in Men competition. He defeated Miguel Alvarino Garcia (6-4) in quarters than his team-mate Mauro Nespoli in semis (6-2) and finally Olympic Champion Mete Gazoz in the final 6-4. Bronze medal for Mauro Nespoli (ITA) beating Nicolas Bernardi (FRA) 7-3.

Leyre Fernandez Infante (ESP) takes gold in Women final against Lucilla Boari (ITA) 7-1. For the Spanish archer victory against Turkish Yasemin Anagoz (7-1) in quarters and Ezgi Basaran (after shootoff) in semis. Anaëlle Florent (FRA) is third, winning the small final 7-3 against Basaran.

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