New WAE season to start in Rovereto with Youth Cup


First event of this new 2018 season of World Archery Europe will be in Rovereto (ITA) with 1st leg of Youth Cup.

Another European Archery season is ready to start with young archers engaged in the first stage of Youth Cup, a new record for what concerne number of participants.

243 archers (139 men and 104 women) from 35 nations, also out of Europe like Kosovo, Namibia, Sudan and United Arab Emirates.

SCHEDULE – On Sunday 13 archers will take confidence with the field and carry out the first tests. On Monday 14 official practice before the opening ceremony at 6pm, that will take place in the impressive Campana dei Caduti (the bell of fallen). Tuesday 15 let’s start qualification rounds: boys in the morning (from h.9.40), girls in the afternoon (from h.14.40). On Wednesday 16 first medals will be assigned in the mixed teams day, starting from 9.00. Thursday 17 back to individual eliminations. Once again in the morning (h.9.30) men matches, and women in the afternoon (h.14.30). Everyone will be engaged in head-to-head challenges until semifinals. Friday 18 is dedicated entirely to teams competition. Eliminatories will start at h.9.30 (males) and at h.12 (females), till finals. Saturday 19 wil be last day, from h.9.30 all the individual medals matches for compound and recurve.

LIVE RESULTS – End-by-end and arrow-by-arrow results will be available on and on dedicated InfoSystem page. In addition Live Twitting Result on World Archery Europe twitter profile (@archeryeurope), starting from elimination rounds.

LIVE STREAMING – All the competition will be live on World Archery Europe Youtube Channel (english commentary).

PHOTOGALLERY – With 2018 season a new WAE photogallery is online, based on Smugmug platform. Here the official photogallery of the event, with day-by-day updates.

WEBSITEOfficial event website.

LOCATION – Rovereto is a city and comune in Trentino in northern Italy, located in the Vallagarina valley of the Adige River. Discover more about the city.

WEATHERSpring weather is expected for the event, with sun and some rain. Here weather forecast for entire week.

SOCIAL – Follow World Archery Europe facebook page and “socialize” with official hashtag EYCRovereto18.

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