The biggest Swedish Archery Club change its uniform, following the example of the Ice Hockey Club from Kiruna.


The Nykvarns Bågskytteklubb, the biggest Archery Club in Sweden, looking at juniors, has changed its light blue shooting shirts in favour of a new rainbow colored shirts. This change is realized to follow the example of the Ice Hockey Club from Kiruna, and to signify the Club commitment to offer a sport for all, including the HBTQ society, disabled person and people from other cultures.    

Archery is a relative small sport within the Swedish Sport Federation but has increased the junior archers by around 40%.

Nykvarn is a small community 50 km south of Stockholm and is famous for the Biscuit castle, Taxinge Slott, one of the 25 sites recommended to visit.

It was easy for the club to make this decision, because the Club wishes to be known as an open club for all. The archers wore the new shirt on 1th of February.

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