World Archery Champs 2015 and all his medallists


An incredible week in Copenhagen (DEN) for the World Archery Championships 2015.


Rain, sun, wind and again rain, sun, wind … for a very strong week of high level archery.

Some surprises, some confirmations and, most of all, first places for Rio 2016 assigned.

Let’s see the medallists:

Recurve Men

Gold medal – KIM Woojin (KOR)

Silver medal – VAN DER VEN Rick (NED)

Bronze medal – FURUKAWA Takaharu (JPN)

Recurve Women

Gold medal – KI Bo Bae (KOR)

Silver medal – LIN Shih-Chia (TPE)

Bronze medal – CHOI Misun (KOR)

Compound Men

Gold medal – HANSEN Stephan (DEN)

Silver medal – CHAUHAN Rajat (IND)

Bronze medal – RAVENSCROFT Adam (GBR)

Compound Women

Gold medal – KIM Yun Hee (KOR)

Silver medal – GAUVIN Crystal (USA)

Bronze medal – LOPEZ Sara (COL)

Recurve Men Team

Gold medal – KOREA

Silver medalITALY

Bronze medal – CHINESE TAIPEI

Recurve Women Team

Gold medalRUSSIA

Silver medal – INDIA

Bronze medal – KOREA

Compound Men Team

Gold medal – IRAN

Silver medal – CANADA

Bronze medalDENMARK

Compound Women Team

Gold medalUKRAINE


Bronze medal – KOREA

Recurve Mixed Team

Gold medal – KOREA

Silver medal – CHINESE TAIPEI

Bronze medal – PR CHINA


Compound Mixed Team

Gold medal – KOREA

Silver medalFRANCE

Bronze medal – SOUTH AFRICA


Medal Standings: 1st place for KOREA (6G, 3B), 2nd place for DENMARK (1G, 1B) and 3rd place for RUSSIA, UKRAINE and IRAN (1G).

Complete results, here and on

Official Photogallery, here.

Finals on ArcheryTV, here.

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