Youth Cup Circuit 2021 results and winners


After the two legs of the European Youth Cup 2021, now we know all the Circuit winners.

For the individual, the total comes from the sum of the qualification points shot in the two stages.
In the Compound division Turkey dominates all classes except cadet women, while in Recurve is France the best nation, with three out of four:

Compound Cadet Women: Martina SERAFINI (ITA) – 1335 pts
Compound Cade Men: Eren KIRCA (TUR) – 1393 pts
Compound Junior Women: Ipek TOMRUK (TUR) – 1358
Compound Junior Men: Batuhan AKCAOGLU (TUR) – 1398 pts

Recurve Cadet Women: Caroline LOPEZ (FRA) – 1329 pts
Recurve Cadet Men: Iban BARITEAUD (FRA) – 1348 pts
Recurve Junior Women: Melodie RICHARD (FRA) – 1277 pts
Recurve Junior Men: Jonathan VETTER (GER) – 1306 pts

Of course. was a close battle between these two nations for the Country title of the 2021 Circuit.
In the end, Turkey is the winner with 98 points against France, 90 points; third place for Italy (82 pts).

Attached complete results.

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