San Marino 2017 – Registration Reminder


2017 Games of Small States of Europe / Reminder


San Marino will organize in 2017 the Games of the Small States of Europe.


The success of the archery competition will be very important because it might ensure a stable presence of archery in the Games in the future years.


The San Marino Archery Federation needs to know if the interested Members Associations agree the introduction, together with the recurve bow, the compound and mixed team competition in the next Games of the European Small Countries in San Marino.


The San Marino Federation must receive this information not later than 5 October 2014 and deliver the information to the Organizing Committee in order to demonstrate the agreement of the participant states to the Games.

Otherwise, not only compound bow and mixed team competition will not be accepted but also the archery runs the risk to be deleted from the schedule of the Games for low interest from interested parties and a few participants.

Please, fill in the attached form and send it to San Marino Archery Federation (


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