WAE Executive Board Meeting took place on 4 and 5 June in Munich

2023 events

Among several decisions, the Board confirmed the following dates and events in 2023 calendar:

  • 14-19 February – European Indoor Championships in Samsun (TUR) – TD: Daniel Pavlov (Mentor: Hakan Cakiroglu)
  • 3-8 April – European Grand Prix in Lilleshall (GBR) – TD: Arnoud Strijbis (Mentor: Hilda Gibson)
  • 1-7 May – European Youth Cup in Catez (SLO) – TBC
  • 29 May – 4 June  – European Grand Prix in Porec  (CRO) – TD: Vladimir Hurban (Mentor: Darko Uidl)
  • 5-11 June – European Youth Cup in Sion Vailais (SWI) – TD: Irena Rosa
  • 13-21 May – European Para Archery Cup in Nove Mesto (CZE) – TD: Hilda Gibson
  • 21 June-2 July – European Games – Krakov (POL) – TD Ardingo Scarzella
  • 14-20 August – European Para Archery Championships in Rotterdam (NED) – TD: Dominique Ohlmann
  • 8-10 September – European Para Archery Cup Final in Nove Mesto (CZE) – TD: Dominique Ohlmann
  • 15-22 September – European Field Championships – Sansicario Alto, Piemonte (ITA) – TD Hannah Brown
  • 23-30 September – European 3D Championships – Sansicario Alto, Piemonte (ITA) –TD:  Hannah Brown
  • 1-2 October – Club Teams Cup – TBC – TD: Darko Uidl
  • 6-8 October – Run Archery European Cup in Nove Mesto (CZE) – TD: Dominique Ohlmann
  • 5-6 November – EB meeting

The TDs appointed for the first time, after having passed the TD Seminar exam, will be assisted by a skilled Mentor.

The following competitions have been allocated in 2023:

13-21 May European Para Archery Cup in Nove Mesto (CZE)

15 – 17 September European Para Archery Cup Final in Nove Mesto (CZE)

6-8 October Run Archery European Cup in Nove Mesto (CZE)

The 2023 European Club Teams Cup is still open for bid.



The EB decided to change WAE anti-doping policy by eliminating the alcohol tests and by reducing the number of doping tests as follows:

  • 4 doping tests at GP and Para Archery Cup
  • 8 doping tests at European Championships (including Para and Youth)
  • Not any doping tests at the Youth Cup

European Club Teams Cup

The rules of the Club Teams Cup have been re-confirmed, so as the prize money, while the floating trophies have been eliminated.

Recurve Women Club teams and Recurve Men Club Teams will receive the following prize money:

1st place: 1.500 Euro

2nd place: 1.000 Euro

3rd place: 500 Euro


2024 events

It was decided that the 2024 events are still opened for bids and will be allocated during the next EB meeting on 5-6 November 2022. Any bids already received will be submitted to the November meeting.

Except for the following 2024 events, which were already allocated:

  • European Outdoor Championships + CQT in Rhine-Ruhr (GER)
  • European Youth Championships in Bucharest (ROU)

Considering the new requirements and increasing costs of the World Ranking Events, every submitted bid and Evaluation Checklist must include the declaration if they want to apply for the WRE.


Judge Seminar and 3D & Field Workshop

The EB approved the proposal of the JC to organize a Seminar for continental Judges in September 2023 in Sallanches, France. The Seminar will be linked to a workshop focused on Field and 3D competitions. The Seminar will be scheduled in 3 days:

1st day: Target competition rules. Field &3D competition rules. Open discussion

2nd day: practical cases. Cases and group work. Open discussion.

3rd day: written exams



The EB has appointed or re-confirmed the following Liaisons:

  • Run Archery Liaison: Dominique Ohlmann (FRA)
  • Gender Equity Liaison: Bettina Kratzmuller (AUT)
  • Athlete Liaison: Yasmin Ecer Aragoz (TUR – Recurve Woman archer)
  • Medical Liaison: Stefano Osele (ITA)
  • Justice and Ethics Liaison: Paul Paulsen (NOR)
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